Back in 2009, Anish SHAKYA got involved in some hospitality industry events. Although it was not a premeditated move at the time, he eventually got known as the 'Event Guy'. He persevered through his many ups and downs, including the tragic demise of his father, and despite being thrust into the role of family leadership with a lost job and zero funding to start with, he marched ahead with what he had thought was not his cup of tea - Events.

With few friends and supporters, SHAKYA developed the vision for an events powerhouse starting with Color Splash - a signature event that celebrated half a decade of annual colorful festivities last year. The enthusiastic individuals forming the team chose the emblematic moniker of Mavericks for their independent vision and coordinated actions in entertaining people, getting them to dance, enjoy, socialize and in ultimately creating memories to last a lifetime.

A Colorful Growth

The first milestone of the Mavericks was to make a humble thought of converting a mall garage into an annual colorful phenomenon Color Splash. The most colorful day of the year - HOLI - was not entirely safe on it own, let alone for large crowd not shying away from Holi's quintessential alcoholic beverages.  Despite the least possibility of success of such a pioneering event, the event was executed to perfection.

Soon after, Meraki Mavericks were suggested to provide many more events by the many sponsors, early stake holders, friends & families. For Meraki, its sponsors & well-wishers have always beent the most integral part of its journey. 


With the sucess of Color Splash, Mavericks were asked to be back with an event where SHAKYA was involved back in the days - The Amazing Motor Rally. In collaboration with Ford, Mavericks restarted the The Amazing Motor Rally journey. It is another massively successful annual experience full of fun, adventures and socializing while contributing to social causes.

This expanded the Meraki horizon, even in literal terms, as Meraki started to bring its magic to many destinations outside the K-town. This event brings in car lovers of Nepal to various destinations and combines it with fun team building games, exotic dining and picturesque road trips. It pioneered yet another way to connect, mobilize and celebrate.


We have taken everything we learnt from producing our own events, hiring tech, AV and production companies and applied it in our dream of building a better and holistic event technology, AV & event production company.

In 2019, we started a new chapter in this effort with the onboarding of Risav Karna, a software architect who has worked with all the major cruise ship companies and major ecommerce powerhouses in developing their digital experience platforms and ecommerce systems respectively. The Mavericks have now prepared solutions to forever change the region's events industry, AV & production and related hospitality systems with its homegrown high end tech, design and automation.

Meraki Mavericks are true to their name in the sense that they continue to break the industry's traditional stereotypes despite many initial resistance from the market. We trust in the brightest minds and our innovators in turn believe in our vision of transforming the landscape with technology.


 With all these years of experience, a prolific list of clients, many thousands of attendees and a nearly perfect net promoter score from our clients – we are on the verge of solving our own complex equations with numerous various when it comes to running a massively successful event, technology, AV & production company that people love to collaborate with and to enjoy our expertly crafted experience design.

Apart from our signature events and private/corporate event managment, we have spread our wings to new domains of artist management and artist curation. 

Artist Management – We  welcome all our artist friends who need a proper management, and better ways of professional collaboration. We make sure we take care of your schedules, meetings, fan relations, networking, concerts and releases. We have kicked off this wing with exclusive management of the soulful Astha TAMANG MASKEY globally. (For bookings and queries to Astha, write us at 

Artist Curation – If you require artists from around the world, we are ready for hassle free curation. By far mavericks have successfully curated Jonita Gandhi, Armaan Malik, Daddy’s Groove, Quintino, Efinito, Mari Ferrari, Thomas Gold, Romeo Blanco, Danny Avila, Ankita Arya, Diego Miranda, Greta Tedeschi, Rave Radio, and many more - over 60 artists in Nepal from around the world.